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General information
Surface: 717 km2
Population: 172,861 (official census 2010)
Population density: 241 people per km2
Capital: Maipú


Located 15 km southeast from Mendoza, Maipú is one of its 18 departments and is part of the urban conglomerate of the Gran Mendoza. It is the fifth most populous in the province.
It is divided into 12 districts and is characterized by great wines. For many years it has been the leading wine producer department, the wine region of Cuyo in Argentina.

Origins of the city of Maipú

Spread in the locality of Cruz de Piedra, 38 families were the pioneers to settle in the region. Over the years, it became necessary to demarcate a limit on those territories.
Maipú Department was created on May 14th, 1858, by decree of Governor Juan Cornelio Moyano for which it was established that the territory of Cruz de Piedra will adopt the name of Maipú. Subsequently, on April 18th in 1884, it was annexed Barracas district.


Maipu has a temperate climate with a tendency to be dry and warm. The absolute maximum temperatures are 42.7 ° and the minimum -9.2 ° (nine degrees below zero two tenths). Rainfall varies in 200 mm per year. The prevailing winds are from the West and Southwest and also the Zonda wind.


Its morphology is part of the large sedimentary basin in the east of Mendoza, the plain that characterizes its greatest extent. In the far south are the hills of Lunlunta and Barrancas. These characteristics in its relief and the Rio Mendoza that cross its territory, allowed the optimal development of agriculture, especially grapes, olives, fruits and vegetables.


Government is politically organized into an intendancy in which the Executive Branch is exercised by a citizen democratically elected by the inhabitants of the department, and a deliberative organ, that is also elective, composed of 12 citizens.
It has not a constitution. It is regulated under the supremacy of national and provincial laws

Getting there

Maipú is 20 minutes from the capital city of Mendoza. Up here you can get in both private and public transport. Buses number 10 reaches each one of its districts with frequent departures from the city center as well as taxis. The provincial government is developing the Metrotranvía project, which will travel through the Gran Mendoza to Maipú.


Maipú is considered the first zone of wine production in Mendoza and it is one of the largest departments in olive production. This led to the creation of two circuits: The Wine Route and the Olive Route. Both offer interesting places to visit: wineries, vineyards, museums and agritourism activities. They exploited the landscape, working in the field, the production of gourmet and tasting through all the senses.

It is also an excellent proposal for cultural activities throughout the year: The Harvest Festival the second half of January, the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, which is the most important religious festival department in September, the Feast of the Olive, the only winter festival of the province, the feast of home-made jam that takes place in March offering their local products, etc.


Mixture with fine wines, Maipú offers an attractive proposal for gourmet visitors. Upscale restaurants excel at blend old immigrants with distinctive local flavors.
Its restaurants invite to wonder with the most varied recipes and the cordiality of its owners. 


Being so close to the capital city, you have access to malls just a few minutes away. However Maipú also has shops and supermarkets in the downtown area. The strategic location of this department allows you to have all the benefits of an urban area with the tranquility of being in a rural one.




271 Moreno St - Maipu - Wine Rout - Mendoza - Argentina - CP 5513
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